Client projects: Roquette


Client: Roquette Poland

Architect: Architekci Łosiak Siwiak

Deadline: September 2020

Area: 1 300 m2

Number of workstations: 54

The best of nature

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of nature to offer the best ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets.

Roquette currently employs 8,670 people in over 100 countries. The new office for the Polish branch of the company located in The Park business complex was designed by the Architekci Łosiak Siwiak studio and furnished by Kinnarps.

The client wanted a naturally styled, spacious interior that would support the brand's mission in Poland. It was decided to choose sustainable, environmentally-friendly interior design solutions from the Kinnarps range.

In both the concept and the execution phases, the project was carried out at a fast pace. Six months were allocated for the finishing works and the complete arrangement of the office space (including furniture, non-standard fittings and office greenery). However, the difficulties related to social distancing during the pandemic were the greatest challenge. Thanks to the excellent efforts by everyone involved, all the work was carried out seamlessly, within the assumed deadline.

“The project was carried out at a rapid pace. Only a month and a half passed from the first meeting to the placing of the order. In addition to the Polish working group, the Roquette team from the headquarters in France also participated in the coordination work. Despite the fast pace, it was a great pleasure to work with both the client's representatives and the architect. I wish that everyone could have clients that know what they want.”

Adrian Karwatiuk, Key Account Manager at Kinnarps Polska.

Spacious and functional interior of the new office

The arrangement of the office, with space for 54 workstations, includes a reception with a spacious lobby, open areas, a large conference room and 5 smaller rooms for meetings or teleconferences, 5 places for project work in the open area and 4 executive offices, as well as a chillout room, kitchen and large professional kitchen-laboratory due to the specificity of the client's industry.

The workstations are furnished with bench desks from the Nexus series with Vibe series desk screens, as well as pedestals and cabinets from the Space series. The executive offices, arranged in a minimalist style, are furnished with desks from the Oberon series on wooden legs. All workstations are equipped with comfortable, lightweight Esencia office chairs with mesh back.

The large conference room, which can be divided into two smaller ones, is equipped with Foldex folding tables and 5000CV stacking chairs on wheels, which ensures flexibility of arrangement. The room's furnishings are complemented by Mood Fabric Mobile whiteboards, which can also be used as an additional acoustic screen. The smaller meeting rooms are furnished with Oberon tables on wooden legs and Embrace chairs on swivel bases. The project workspaces are equipped with tables at two heights. The first were the Nexus series conference tables, while the second were the Ava conference tables with a height of 900 mm and inclusive of Neo bar stools. This height of project table ensures excellent contact between the participants and people who are standing or passing by, which enables meetings to run smoothly.

“I appreciated the excellent contact with the Kinnarps team, which provided comprehensive information about the products, materials, colours, fire properties, etc. The furniture itself is comfortable, of premium quality, while the excellent selection of upholstery colours deserves special attention. To sum up, the team work was exemplary. We are glad that the implementation was 100% consistent with the design.”

Bartłomiej Siwiak, architect from the Architekci Łosiak Siwiak studio in Łódź.

Consistent end result

The specialised kitchen-laboratory required specific solutions due to the need for separate ventilation, special equipment and connections. The furniture in the laboratory consists of a custom-made table and Motus stools with wheels for easy movement around the table top. Other bespoke items, such as the furniture in the copy room, are also worthy of attention.

In many places frames with vivid greenery were used to separate the workstations from the passageways. They not only create an acoustic and visual barrier and influence the quality of the internal air, but also greatly emphasise Roquette's connection with nature.

As a result of the joint efforts between the client, architect and supplier, as well as the manufacturers of non-standard furnishings, a coherent interior was created with a well-thought-out functional division and colour scheme referring to the corporate colours of the Roquette brand. Smooth implementation of the project, despite the exceptional conditions due to the pandemic, was ensured by the complete and constant professionalism and support from all the companies. The client particularly appreciated the ability to meet all the deadlines, from providing information, through quoting, to final delivery.

“Everything went well, an aesthetically coherent office design was created, which allows Roquette to achieve its objectives in this part of Europe. We are pleased with the successful result of our work during the pandemic in the form of beautiful, functional rooms and furniture solutions! It makes you want to come to work.”

Agnieszka Jadczak, Area Sales Manager of GBU Food, Central Eastern Europe & Balkans in Roquette Poland Sp. z o.o.




“Life at work” international Design Guidelines reflects the will of the Roquette Brand Management to deploy and facilitate new ways of working for the benefit of the well-being of employees and the performance of the company.

These 'Design Guidelines' produced by the W agency, in collaboration with François Mabille de Poncheville from the Brand Department, present the new layout and branding principles for Roquette's tertiary spaces - i.e. the fundamental elements that embody the essence of the brand in its physical locations and which are intended to be deployed in all Roquette sites all over the world.

“It has been a real pleasure to advise and help the Polish team with the implementation of Roquette’s vision in these innovative workspaces.”

Frédérique Géhin, Lead Designer at W agency, Paris.


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