Client projects: Thoren Business School


Thoren Business School, Solna

2600 kvm

Prepared for 440 students

Summer 2019

A variety of environments to inspire learning and cooperation

How can the school environment influence learning and facilitate cooperation between students? Kinnarps took on that challenge when they were appointed to help design the newly opened Thorens Business School in Solna. The result is a modern, office-like school with open learning environments where students thrive and can choose different types of project places depending on what they work with for assignments. The school has received a lot of attention and received visits from international architects for its innovative concept.

“Kinnarps took their time and listened to us - they have been fantastic! We have a school where the interior design promotes both the learning environment and the students' presence. The interior is stylish, durable and makes students feel more grown up and encourages people to take responsibility in an office-like environment with varied study areas. ”

Inan Sentürk

Office vibe prepares for professional life

Together with the customer, Kinnarps worked with mood boards to create an office feeling on the premises rather than a classic school environment. The goal was to give the students a taste of working life, and inspire them to take responsibility whilst getting involved and working in groups in the various collaboration areas. The modern work environment, with carefully selected furniture, creates a setting that acts as a bridge into an adult world for the students.


The study area offers students different spaces for self-study. The "house frames" over the groups of sofas creates a cozy and sheltered feel, and the Wilson sofa provides space for group conversations and discussions.



The seating areas in the classrooms are varied to create freedom of choice for the students. Boullée has the same ergonomics as a Pilates ball and encourages movement.



The Trixagon tables have an exciting hexagon shape that fit together like puzzle pieces. The tables can be easily reconfigured to be adapted to the size of the project group.

Ergonomy on several levels

Students and teachers spend a lot of time on the premises and Kinnarps has worked with ergonomics both in terms of furniture selection, acoustics and lighting. An important part of the project is to create varied workplaces focusing on both height and type of furniture. This promotes agility so that students and teachers do not sit in the same way for longer periods during the day. The large windows provide a wonderful light entry promoting concentration. Upholstered furniture and textiles provide a good sound environment.

Focus areas provide tranquility for studying

Focus areas with high back armchairs and sofas create a room in a room solution,  places where you can focus on working in groups or engaging in self-study. They also act as sound absorption and give a safe, cozy feeling.

The acoustic lighting tree functions both as a beautiful sound absorber and lighting point in a room where many people are in circulation during the day. The foliage is made of sound-absorbing wool felt and creates a comfortable conversation environment despite large, open areas with high ceilings.

Open spaces with freedom of choice

In conclusion,Thorens Business School wanted to create a modern, office-like study environment where students can take responsibility and be prepared for working life in a safe way.

The result is a school with open spaces and great freedom of choice for students to choose for themselves. Students are encouraged to do group work and can easily collaborate without disturbing each other thanks to the smart interior with focus groups and project sites.


  • Flexible workplaces for self-study and group work
  • Modern, office-like school environment
  • Varied seating areas for good ergonomics
  • Durable fabrics
  • Focus groups for study holidays