Anders Larsson, Next Education Concept Manager, Kinnarps

Anders Larsson has had the school environment in focus since he came to Kinnarps 2012. Today he is the concept manager for Next Education. The explanation for that is a genuine interest in the school and what it stands for - "The students who go there are our future," he says. Good learning environments are created by those who dare to challenge the whole and twist the pedagogics together with the physical environment. According to Anders, an insight that is further enhanced in the conversation about the learning environment.

"Monica is super engaged in the questions she cares for, the digitalization in the classroom. She explained very well, among other things, that we go to school to learn how to live after our school years, and to do that, we need to be able to embrace technology."

Anders Larsson, about his conversation with Monica Smedbäck Cardozo, head teacher of digitalisation in Solna, north of Stockholm.