Agnese Blaubarde, Interior Architecht

The founder of the architect office Interior Architecht Agnese Blaubarde works at - Gunnar Cedervall - started his career as a school architect in the 1950s. Agnese and her colleagues have continued to design school environments, both schools from scratch including everything and parts of them. It is a job about balance - to get function, aesthetics, regulations and budget to meet.

"In 2014, we set up a school that had arranged a competition between the students where they had drawn their new environment. Two girls won and we were commissioned to create the entire interior based on their sketches. "It's just the same with Axel - he could run such a project. That's what he says, the students have to be involved"

Agnese Blaubarde, about her conversation with 12-year-old Axel Wenner