What is a Learning Space Analysis



What you do in your organisation and the way you do it.



Where you choose to do your work (premises + technology).



The process of breaking a complex topic into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it.

A Learning Space Analysis is the process whereby the complex environment of the school is broken down into smaller pieces to gain a better understanding of its entirety.

Looking closer at LEARNING - what you do in your organisation, and the way you do it and SPACE - where you choose to do your activities. In other words, it is about gaining an understanding of how the learning space can help students and teachers learn and teach better. Our method for this is called KINNARPS NEXT EDUCATION®.

Why do a learning space analysis?

Students and teachers are the heart and soul of the learning space. They do the work, they use the place and they manage both. That is why the better you understand the students and the teachers and the activities they do, the better you will also understand the kind of SPACE they need to learn and teach better.

It is when you gain an understanding of what the business looks like that you will have the knowledge required that leads to improvement.

Why do a learning space analysis?


Kinnarps learning space analysis method


Vision creation

3-4 hours

Supporting decision makers in establishing priorities and building their vision for change.



1-2 weeks

Guiding and involving teachers, school staff and students to connect their activities to the space that could best support them.



2-3 weeks

Involving all staff to collect information and preferences regarding school usage and the best setup.

Summary of the findings detailing the different needs and priorities (type of spaces, what sizes, for which kind of activities students and teachers would need). Also, what level of focused work they would carry out in these spaces. We will also supplement subsidiary information about ergonomics, technology and other circumstantial needs.

Kinnarps Next Education®

Do you want our help in creating your future school environment? Our KINNARPS NEXT education® is a method for creating your customized learning spaces. Through detailed analysis and workshops, we map the needs of your unique organisation, teachers and students.

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