The entrance

Your first impression of a care environment comes from the entrance. Here, the interior design makes everyone feel welcome and included and portrays the vision of the organisation. Soft music and the fragrance of fresh flowers or herbs can heighten the experience. The entrance is so much more than just a passageway; it is a waiting area, a place to meet, a place to work or a place to have a cup of coffee. It is a free-zone close to the flats. The environment has a warm colour palette, is easily comprehended and clearly shows how to get where you want to go. The furnishings are soft and welcoming, with space for privacy or for socialising.

"A physical environment that smells nice, is aesthetically pleasing and is welcoming signals that the person living in it is worthy of having nice surroundings. It can also contribute to lowering blood pressure and reducing the need for pain treatment."

Gun Aremyr, dementia expert