The day room

The department's day room can be regarded as the residents' home environment and must signify homeliness and belonging. The room should be furnished flexibly with spaces for meals, socialisation and relaxation, with a focus on the individual's needs and wellbeing. Dining tables with matching dining chairs, section seating with sofas, and easy chairs and task chairs for relaxation. You can also choose to exchange the coffee table with the sofa and easy chair for a slightly higher table that has only easy chairs. Then everyone gets their own space, and it is easy to move around the common spaces in a wheelchair. The day room can be divided into several smaller rooms for different functions, but most of the time it is a large room where you can create spaces within the room using textiles, screens or storage units. The furnishing must meet the need for social gatherings and individual activities with the option of moving between the different spaces. Furnish with good and easily accessible storage units for books, newspapers and games next to furniture providing comfortable seating. This makes the day room a popular meeting place.
Focus words
  • Zones
    Room dividers
    Supports all individuals