Case: Brain Embassy thinking big & bold

Case facts

Brain Embassy

Studio mode:lina™ and Archicon

Adgar Poland

Floor area:
1300 sqm


Welcome back to Brain Embassy


Brain Embassy is the co-creation workspace where people and ideas collide. Entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers coexist and collaborate in a space designed to drive innovation. One year on from opening we’ve returned to see how ergonomic design can empower business and people. One thing’s for sure – business is good. Brain Embassy has doubled in size during the last 12 months. Kinnarps has assisted interior architects mode:lina™ and Archicon in this latest expansion phase delivering on our promise of workspace solutions for prosperity and wellbeing.

“Brain Embassy has allowed us to showcase our knowledge, product range and forward thinking creativity to the fullest.”

Monika Miksa, Key Account Manager


The Park sofa has been designed to transport you outside. Curious to look at and comfortable to sit on, slats can be ordered in several fabrics creating the feeling of an urban space or a leafy park.


CAP is a small, versatile stool that stacks ingeniously. Perfect for chats or impromptu meetings, it’s made from fitted felt, which is comfortable and sound absorbing. The plastic ring is available in five different colors.


Oberon tables are the work surfaces of the future. Flexible and functional, Oberons's sleek lines, and variable working height, provide everything you to need to complete the task.


Brain Embassy is built around a synapse grid that weaves through the entire workspace. It brilliantly patterns the human brain in a stunning fusion of neuroscience and interior design. Everything is designed to stimulate the creative process. Community members at the Brain Embassy expect the highest quality solutions to accelerate ideas and increase productivity.

With our knowledge of functional design we chose elements that create a diverse and versatile workspace. Every community member has the functional tools to innovate and grow their ideas. Collaboration events can take place around a desk, but the entire space has been designed to initiate meetings and increase collaboration. Because we understand how ideas flow, we created the possibility for collaboration anywhere and everywhere 


A superbly designed bar chair, Flex adds a playful element to any setting. Flex Up is the height adjustable version with swivel and footrest. A convenience perch for quick meeting or creative play.


The new section of Brain Embassy is almost 1300 sqm and includes a large co-creation space, which can be partitioned into three smaller rooms for up to 120 people. Community members benefit from a Nap Room, Meditation Room, three smaller meetings rooms and a workshop space.

Happy, healthy workers are ideas rich and more productive. Members of the Brain Embassy benefit from ergonomic solutions designed to increase wellbeing. We focused on solutions that increase movement and encourage activity whilst designing quiet spaces for idea incubation. We believe that wellbeing is key ingredients of innovation. Ergonomic design enhances ideas and encourages collaboration. 

Crafted with care. Embrace has been constructed with care and consideration for different environments and contexts. For spontaneous conversation or when you need to take a break, Embrace is flexible and functional.


Throughout this latest development phase, the Brain Embassy consulted community members to ensure interior solutions met their needs. As Europe’s leading supplier of workspace solutions, with six specialist partner brands, we delivered the knowledge and expertise to ensure the best workspace solutions for their community members.

So one year on, how do community members rate working at Brain Embassy? Well, unsurprisingly, they love working there. 93% felt that the space generated a better atmosphere for work and 95% said they would recommend the Brain Embassy to business partners or friends. We’re happy. Why not let us guide you?

Frame your ideas. Frame is designed to create the feeling of sitting in your own space. You can sit in the middle or relax and use one side as a backrest. Perfect for creative collaboration or solitary brainstorming.


  • Functional design creates harmony.
  • Ergonomics shape the way we collaborate.
  • Wellbeing effects productivity.
  • A workspace for healthy, ideas rich people.

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