Case: Galderma

Galderma Polska Sp. z o.o.

500 m2

Villa Metro Business House, Warsaw

Number of workstations:

Investment completion date:
April 2020

Beata Andrzejczak-Okińska

Design and furnishing:
Kinnarps Polska

Fit out:
Quadrature Group

Woodwork furniture:
Arbre Sp. z o.o.

New Galderma office in Warsaw

Galderma is the world's largest independent global dermatology company. It was established in 1981 as a joint venture of Nestlé and L’Oreal. It rebranded in October 2019 as an independent company. The brand has been operating on the Polish market since 2000 and currently employs a team of around 70 people as advisors and in customer service, sales and marketing, medical program registration and compliance departments, as well as finance, HR, administration and logistics. The new office has been created by Kinnarps' specialists for a team of experts in innovative dermatological solutions.

Full design project

Galderma Polska Sp. z o.o. entrusted Kinnarps with the task of designing and furnishing its new premises, which are conveniently located in the Villa Metro Business House office building near the Wilanowska metro station in Warsaw. The client wanted the full design process, finishing of the new office and furnishing of interiors to be coordinated by one company.

The new office concept was developed over a series of meetings from September 2019 to January 2020. It met the client’s expectations regarding the schedule and budget, as well as the functional division of space and equipment, taking into account the technical conditions of the building. In this context, the biggest challenges were: how to ensure satisfactory office acoustics, and the design of the kitchen and dining area as a single open space without closing off the room completely.

Throughout the preparatory phase there was an atmosphere of mutual trust and close cooperation among the project team. This was to have an especially positive impact on the smooth implementation of the task, much of which was carried out under the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. April's period of social isolation, for example, coincided with the end of the finishing work and furniture deliveries.

meble-biurowe_kinnarps_galderma_fotomohito_web_ (29).jpg


Pax Chairs adjust to the shape of the body as their seat and body are integrated. Even though they take up little space, they are as comfortable as an armchair. Also ideal as guest chairs.

meble-biurowe_kinnarps_galderma_fotomohito_web_ (15).jpg


The Plus swivel chair represents a classic of Swedish ergonomic design. It provides excellent flexibility for the comfort and health of the active sitter.

meble-biurowe_kinnarps_galderma_fotomohito_web_ (10).jpg


The high, padded backrest of the Le Mur seat functions as a partition as well as a noise barrier. Irregularly placed buttons are not only there for decoration – they can also be used for hanging clothes.

Youthful look

The client wanted to create a modern, friendly and comfortable working and meeting space. The appearance of the office played a very important role. As a global leader in dermatology, the premises not only had to provide employees and visitors with a comfortable environment with sufficient space for meetings and creative work, but also have a fresh and attractive appearance.

The interior design includes 34 open plan workstations equipped with Series[P] desks with electric height adjustment and ergonomic Plus desk chairs, as well as five offices with Oberon desks on wooden legs and a variety of guest armchairs; a reception desk and a recreational area; and a conference room with 5000[cv] series armchairs. Kinnarps also designed the combined kitchen and dining area with a long, bold coloured sofa, Polett chairs and a couple of dining tables. An extra touch is the Vagabond high table on wheels with Motus mobile bar stools, which is ideal for spontaneous or informal coffee meetings.

The combination kitchen and dining room, placed in the heart of the office, is particularly interesting. Centrally located, it is used not only for dining but also as a meeting space, thereby helping to promote team spirit within the company.

"The offices of department managers were designed in consultation with their users. Thanks to the use of various finishes and different colours, each office has its own individual character. At the same time, using desks from the same series – Oberon – in the design of all of the offices makes for a coherent whole. Furthermore, the various elements were chosen so that the premises can be used as an additional meeting/work space for smaller teams when their main users are not there."

Beata Andrzejczak-Okińska, architect at Kinnarps Polska

The recreational area is located near the marketing department and away from the accounting team, which works in silence and demands focus. This place is perfect for holding creative meetings and spending breaks from daily tasks actively and productively. The chill-out zone, with the characteristic Le Mur sofa, is complemented with various types of seating including low poufs, pilates balls and hanging garden armchairs.

Rapid effect, lasting result

The client appreciated the fast pace of work, short response time and effective work coordination, which proved to be especially important in the extraordinary circumstances that arose during the final stage of the project.

"It was a demanding and non-standard project in which, in addition to delivering furniture and providing interior design consultation, Kinnarps also performed the role of coordinator of works related to design, fit out and construction works. Thanks to a close cooperation with the client’s representatives and all the subcontractors, we have managed to create a very friendly and modern boutique-like office. We believe that it will function not only as a space for effective and comfortable working, but also towards the further business success of Galderma on the Polish market."

Adrian Karwatiuk, Project Coordinator at Kinnarps Polska
Photos: Fotomohito