Five steps to the ideal meeting room

Did you know that interior design can influence not only your mood, but also your behaviour? Follow these five inspiring steps, and you'll soon have created the ideal meeting room!


If we sense that we are in control of the situation, we feel better. Even something like being able to set the right temperature and lighting ourselves can work wonders for our well-being.


Suddenly the door opens, and in walk three colleagues who forgot to answer the invitation to the meeting... Sounds familiar? If you invest in light, moveable furniture, you can minimise stress by quickly customising the room to meet arising needs.


Round tables are the most democratic, according to an intriguing study from Oregon State University – and much better for creative discussions. The explanation is that everyone has equal eye contact with everyone else. Compare this with the boss sitting at the short end of a rectangular table – in this case he/she is the only one who has natural eye contact with everyone.


Don't over-furnish! Many people feel stressed if space is limited and they have to squeeze in with their colleagues. Try to create as much open space as possible.


Even if you have access to all the latest technological aids, don't underestimate an old-fashioned whiteboard that you can write, draw and scribble on. This creates movement and energy in the room.