Movies about OPEN design, sustainability, future workspace solutions, and wellbeing

In our OPEN18 movies you can listen to some interesting thoughts and ideas connected to different areas within openness. Such as why it is important with an open attitude in future workspaces or the benefits of adding more colours in your office.

Rasmus Nanhed

Listen to our Sales Director Rasmus Nanhed and his thoughts on why an open attitude is important in future workspaces.

Christina Wiklund

Christina Wiklund, CMF Manager (Colour Material Finish) at Kinnarps shares her thoughts on why we should be open to adding more colours in our workspaces.

Sofie Dahlberg

Listen to our Range Manager Sofie Dahlberg sharing her ideas on openness and an inclusive design.

Elisabeth Slunge

Our Director Global Range & Communications Elisabeth Slunge explains the benefits with an open and sustainable design.

Anders Lundahl

Our Physiotherapist and ergonomist Anders Lundahl explains why movement needs to be included in our workspaces.

Johanna Ljunggren

Our Sustainability Manager Johanna Ljunggren shares her thoughts on an open and sustainable design.