Art. 66BA

Barley coffee table, 55 | Art. no 66BA

Barley table 60x60, pillar leg 55

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Certificate - m_belfakta

Practical pillar table

Functional pillar table available in different heights, and with different tabletop sizes. Has a slightly smaller and slender foot, which means that it does not take up too much space. Suitable for different types of work or training environments. It is easy to place, which makes it ideal as a simple meeting table, side table in corridors, or as a coffee table. The tabletop is available in durable laminate, making it a sustainable and hardwearing choice for particularly exposed spaces. Easy to combine with other interior design for a uniform look. Suitable for slightly higher seating. Combine with sofas, easy chairs, chairs or stools depending on the type of meeting group or gathering point. The coffee table is comprised of only a few components that can be replaced, separated, and recycled, making it circular and sustainable in the long term. Choose materials from Kinnarps Colour Studio, a complete material collection that gives you a wide choice of materials.


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