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Oberon meeting table, pillar leg 55 | Art. no OBPL77

Oberon coffee table, 70x70, pillar leg 55

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Versatile range of tables for total solutions

With Oberon coffee and café tables of varying heights, you create relaxing environments that encourage small talk and work. It offers great possibilities to match the design and materials to other tables in the office for uniform aesthetics. They can be used in many kinds of meeting places – from small meeting areas and "rooms within rooms", to lounges, canteens, cafés and coffee corners. The tables function both as work spaces and countertops in office common areas. By varying table sizes and heights, you create spaces for quick briefings or deeper conversations. Sofa tables that are lounge height can be combined with soft seating. Coffee tables at seat height or standing height encourage active meetings. Chairs or high stools can be placed around them depending on the type of meeting group or meeting point you want to create. They are part of a complete table series consisting of desks, meeting tables, coffee tables and café tables for designing complete environments. Choose your material from Kinnarps Colour Studio.

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