Art. POS128 SFA

Polaris Benches, fixed height 74 | Art. no POS128 SFA

Polaris bench, single, 120x80, fixed height

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Certificate - Kinnarps.Lib.Models.BaseCertificate

Mix and match desk and bench solutions

The POLARIS sit/stand desk and bench solution, together with desktop screens, provide the individual with space for concentration, even when working at a bench solution. Position the screens between the tables or along the sides of each workspace. As it is height-adjustable, individuals can also customise the working height. Each work surface can be adjusted in height. From an ergonomics perspective, one important benefit is being able to vary between sitting and standing during the working day. This gets the blood circulation going and can help prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI). The option of customising the working height also means that POLARIS can be used in various ways for different work tasks. Different combination options, in many finishes, tabletops in different lengths, and smart features provide a workplace that is designed to meet any needs. POLARIS naturally blends into a working environment where look and function are equally important. The integrated cable management feature (available in several versions) offers a neat and tidy look. Choose material from Kinnarps Colour Studio.

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