Art. EL76

Elevate desk, gas pillar leg 71-113 | Art. no EL76

Elevate desk, gas pillar leg 71-113

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Easy-to-place height adjustable table

Elevate is a functional, easy-to-place and durable table suitable for educational, office and care environments. The height can be easily adjusted with a gas spring that is controlled with a lever under the table. No power or charging is required, resulting in clean surfaces without annoying cables. This means that the table is easy to move, providing flexible spaces that are easy to rearrange when needed. Elevate can be used as a student desk by students of different ages or as a desk in the office or home office. The table is an ergonomically good choice as you can adjust the height to suit individual needs, which provides more inclusive spaces. A height adjustable table supports variation and movement throughout the day, which is essential for good ergonomics. This in turn can increase concentration and improve learning. Height adjustment also makes it easy to find the right height when sitting. Minor height adjustments during sedentary work also have positive effects, as you can easily adjust your working position and counteract static positions. The product is Möbelfakta labelled, which ensures high quality, in accordance with European Standard EN 1729–2, as well as social responsibility throughout the chain and non-toxic materials Choose from different tabletop materials from Kinnarps Colour Studio.


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