A buildable and combinable family of products

The TRIXAGON tables belong to our product family of smart hexagonal-shaped furniture that fits together like jigsaw pieces. The tables can easily be rearranged for collaborative and project-based work in all kinds of work and learning spaces. They’re easy to move and fit together, thanks to their shape and their castors, which are also lockable. It is also possible to equip these tables with power sockets for electronic equipment and charging. Together with similarly shaped storage units and stools from the same range, it’s easy to build new configurations depending on context and task. With its built-in flexibility and innovative design, the TRIXAGON family is a functional and inspiring choice for offices, schools, libraries, lounges, lobbies and conference rooms. TRIXAGON with a top of white laminate and birch laminate is FSC®-labelled, which guarantees responsible forestry that meets rigorous social and environmental standards.

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327 Colours and materials | 10 Variants


327 Colours and materials