The future of office storage

Take office storage to the next level with Capacity

Modular possibilities

Capacity is the versatile office storage solution with a modular design that makes it easy to customise to all types of spaces and needs.

In one and the same series, we’ve gathered general and personal lockers, seating options, room dividers and wardrobes. The different modules fit together and align with each other, regardless of how you choose to combine them.

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One with the workflow

Capacity introduces a whole new way of integrating storage into the office. The versatile modules can easily be customised to merge into your workflow – as a project space, room divider or meeting space.

The series is available in a wide choice of stain colours and textiles, and leaves plenty of room to create a personal look, with space for plants and other interior elements.

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Wardrobe and shoe storage

There are two different modules for storing clothes and shoes. A wardrobe module equipped with a clothes hook or clothes rail. You can also choose to add a clothes rail between two modules to create open clothes storage.

For year-round shoe storage, there’s a module with open compartments at the bottom, lined with rubber mats.

Seating modules with built-in charger

The Capacity series features two seating modules. A seating booth with good acoustics, where you can talk on the phone or work for a short time. A bench that offers a social space for spontaneous meetings, or a place where you can charge your phone while waiting for a colleague.

Generous office storage with lockers

All the Capacity modules have a generous depth of 50cm, which gives the storage lockers a wide range of uses. Select the height and width of the modules as required. You can easily move, add or remove shelves in the lockers.

The lockers are available with everything from cylinder and combination locks to locks that open with RFID cards or a mobile app.

“What makes me most proud about Capacity is that we haven't had to compromise on functionality to bring out the uniquely elegant design with the distinct lines between fronts and other elements.” 

Per Enskär, Category Product Manager in the Capacity team

Changeable – for evolving needs

Capacity has been designed to be easy to change. All modules fit together and align, regardless of combination or placement. The result is versatile, flexible office storage that lasts over time.

It’s all in the details

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Capacity has been designed to meet the needs of the modern office. A smart office storage solution that integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

Meet the Capacity family



Capacity lockers and shoe storage

226 Colours and materials | 8 Variants



Capacity seating module

226 Colours and materials



Capacity lockers

226 Colours and materials | 36 Variants



Capacity wardrobe

226 Colours and materials | 5 Variants



Capacity seating booth

226 Colours and materials

Hybrid working is placing higher demands on the modern office – the interior design must help to create an attractive workplace where staff want to spend time.

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