The screen series with infinite potential

VIBE wall screens enable you to improve the acoustics in your entire office in a space-efficient manner. These wall screens can be combined with e.g. shelves or noticeboards. A perfect symbiosis between form and function. The acoustic properties of the screens enable you to create a quiet, pleasant ambient noise level, even in open-plan offices. Wall-suspended screens are particularly suitable if space is limited, since they don’t take up any floor or desk space. You can use a mix of sizes and colours to create a unique look with your screens. The VIBE range consists of a large number of floor, wall, ceiling and desktop screens available in a wide choice of sizes, colours and designs.

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Vibe Light desk screen

110 Colours and materials | 19 Variants


Vibe Partition Screens

110 Colours and materials | 78 Variants


Vibe Focus Desk Screen

110 Colours and materials | 42 Variants