Art. 524XBASE

Siro, starbase | Art. no 524XBASE

Chair with a cruciform base, has a completely upholstered seat unit for extra comfort.

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Certificate - m_belfakta Certificate - gs

Timeless and comfortable meeting chair

Siro is a meeting chair with a timeless design that is easy to place and simple to combine in different interior design solutions. It is ideal for different types of meeting places, meeting rooms or touch-down areas for shorter periods of work. The chair has a fully upholstered seat unit, integrated Nozag springs in the seat and a patented back. This provides extra comfort and allows you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. The chair’s flexing back encourages movement and counteracts static sitting. There are four different underframes to choose from: 4-legged, 4-legged with castors, c-frame or 5-star base with castors. The chair is available with or without armrests in wood or plastic for comfortable support of the arms. The 5-star base is height-adjustable and has a swivel function, which makes the chair easy to adapt to the user and different meeting situations. Siro is a sustainable choice developed to last a long time in terms of both appearance and function. It also carries the Möbelfakta label – a guarantee not only of non toxic materials but also compliance with European quality and safety requirements for public spaces. Some of the chair components can be replaced, separated and recycled, making it circular and sustainable in the long term. Choose between tried-and-tested fabrics and other materials from Kinnarps Colour Studio to get the look you like.