Art. D-1057-RG

Tulio 4-leg | Art. no D-1057-RG

Chair on four legs with a mesh back. Stackable and connectable for flexible solutions.

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Easy-to-customise meeting chair

TULIO is a simple, yet well thought-out, visitor and meeting chair that’s easy to customise to different needs and spaces. Due to the flexibility of its design and function, it’s ideal for different types of meeting rooms and project spaces. This chair consists of only a few components, all of which can be easily replaced, which makes it circular and sustainable in the long term. Add or remove armrests, or change the back or fabric as you prefer. TULIO is an extra sturdy chair for weights up to 130 kg, making it a safe choice for diverse users. It also has several ergonomic advantages with a flexing back, which provides natural movement and counteracts static sitting. The seat is curved providing an ergonomically correct seating surface distributing the user's weight over a larger area. It also has a rounded front edge that provides comfortable support for the legs. The sloping armrests provide pleasant support to the arms and shoulders and fit easily under the tabletop. TULIO is available in selected Kinnarps Colour Studio fabrics, which all meet stringent quality requirements. Choose a mesh back for good comfort and ventilation. Available in Joy faux leather, a durable material ideal for care environments, as it can be cleaned with disinfectant, with no need to rinse with water afterwards. Everything to ensure safe and secure spaces.