Art. D-1034-DGLF

Mento Synchrone | Art. no D-1034-DGLF

Versatile and comfortable office chair with an upholstered seat and mesh back. Armrest with adjustable height and width. The upper backrest is specially designed with a Relax-o-flex® cushion, providing light stimulation to the upper spinal region, allowing you to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

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The very versatile task chair

MENTO is a comfortable and versatile task chair that offers a wide range of options. A chair that enables you to easily find the look and functionality you want and meets all your requirements. Whether the backrest is made of a light and breathable mesh or is ergonomically upholstered, MENTO stands out from the crowd with its great variety of combinations. The selection of colours for mesh backs and different fabrics for the upholstered version are almost limitless. From an ergonomic point of view, MENTO guarantees a seating quality that meets the tried and tested Drabert Philosophy of Ergonomics. Relax-o-flex® cushioning, a vertical, specially shaped plastic foam insert in the backrest, stimulates and affects certain nerves in the spinal column when leaning back in the chair. Everything to enhance your sitting comfort.