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Plus[8] | Art. no 8782

Classic office chair with a Synchrone™ mechanism that allows the seat and back to move in a coordinated pattern. This means that you can move in a controlled manner while enjoying full ergonomic support. Upholstered seat and high back. With height and width adjustable armrests, with a scratch-resistant surface and soft core.

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Classic task chairs with infinite options

PLUS is a classic in ergonomic design – a success story that’s sold more than two million units. An elegant task chair with timeless, slender shapes that fit in with the most diverse environments – from ordinary offices to laboratories and tough manufacturing environments. PLUS offers two mechanisms: FreeFloat™ or Synchrone™. Synchrone™ is a mechanism that allows the seat and backrest to move in a soft and balanced way in relation to each other, and is ideal for users who want active and controlled sitting. FreeFloat™ is a mechanism that encourages movement and contributes to frequently changing working positions. The seat and backrest follow the movement of the body, independently of each other. With a focus on natural movement and active sitting, PLUS offers fantastic flexibility and infinite options. Add adjustment options for seat depth, sitting height and backrest height and you get an ergonomic favourite. Choose between different back heights, armrests and headrests. You can also add contrasting stitching or your own logo.