Art. P331

Wilson module | Art. no P331

Stool with a straight design. Has an upholstered wooden seat frame. Steel legs, lacquered. Freestanding or connected on one or two sides, only at angles of 90° and 270°.

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Versatile section seating with straight lines

WILSON is a flexible product for spontaneous interior design solutions. With its clean design, understated shapes and steel legs, WILSON is a product primarily intended for lobbies and other types of representative spaces, but also a place where you sit down for a moment or hold a spontaneous meeting. The benches can be joined in rows or squares and are suitable for standalone arrangement, for example in wide halls, along large windows, in exhibitions and museums. It can also be used as a temporary daybed. The seat cushion can be finished in contrasting fabric/leather. Buoyant comfort with a long lifespan. Passes EN16139 tests.