Now it will be easier to create future learning spaces - Kinnarps launches Next Education®

In spring 2018, Kinnarps launches Next Education, a method that makes it easy to create learning spaces for the future.

"School is the most important workplace. For us as a leading supplier of interior solutions and furniture, it is obvious that we can support the school as a workplace. We offer a method that creates a unique learning environment according to each school's needs and conditions"

Anders Larsson, Kinnarps Next Education Concept Manager

For decades, education and teaching in schools has been evolving. In spite of this, the physical design of schools often looks the same as it always has done. Today, we know that the physical environment is of great importance for learning. Good posture, lighting, acoustics and ventilation, and an environment that allows you to vary your workplace, makes it easier to maintain a high level of concentration. The right furniture and equipment support learning in both formal and informal learning spaces.

Through Next Education Kinnarps offers a concept and methodology to make the most of all the opportunities there are, to give our young people the best possible skills for coping with a future in constant change.

Next Education is an interior design method but also a change project. In a structured way and with concrete tools, Kinnarps, together with stakeholders, works for a sustainable and flexible environment that supports both students and teachers in their learning and teaching.

In the process of developing Next Education, Kinnarps has worked closely with people in the world of school; principals, teachers, students, architects, designers, physiotherapists, etc. This has also resulted in conversations about future learning spaces. Take part in these meetings on Kinnarps web.

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For more information, please contact:

Johanna Walden, Kinnarps AB
Project Manager Next Education
+46 515 383 63


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