We’ve designed, produced and delivered leading workspace solutions since 1942. We’ve learned that it requires time, resources and competence.

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Our services

Office workspaces

At Kinnarps, creating incredible office solutions is our second nature. Something we’ve done for decades. Something we continue to pioneer through our passion, experience and continuous innovation.

  • Next Office
  • Explore future workspace concepts
  • Activity based working (one of many options)
  • Holistic approach including furniture, sound, light, colour, air quality and technology
  • Sustainable, adaptable and ergonomic solutions
  • Increased creativity and wellbeing of employees

Education workspaces

Planning, designing and creating workspace environments that affect future generations is a responsibility and honour we take seriously. Schools, after all, are the most important workspaces of all.

  • Complete solutions
  • Ready-to-go concepts for classrooms, corridors, libraries, canteens & more
  • Inspiring interior design
  • Different spaces for different ways of teaching & learning
  • Ergonomic & modern workspaces for teachers

Healthcare workspaces

Comfort and well-being are crucial at clinics and healthcare facilities. We take great care in mindfully shaping solutions that support these values.

  • Complete solutions
  • Ready-to-go concepts for receptions, dayrooms & more
  • Uplifting interior design that supports well-being
  • Focus on ergonomy and comfort

Add on services

Apart from our different workspace categories, we offer a wide range of smart add-on services that can be implemented for any type of solution. Including services such as:

  • Rent/lease furniture
  • Cable cleaning
  • Furniture washing
  • Moving & transportation
  • Reuse & recycling
  • Warehouse storage
  • Acoustics & lighting
  • Interior design

Kinnarps Basic Service: Always adapted to your needs

Anders Hermansson

“Our basic service provides support from start to finish in six clear steps. This process ensures a quality solution is delivered to each and every client, irrespective of the order size”

Anders Hermansson, Acting COO



We begin our process by creating a detailed analysis of your wants and needs, and the requirements of your particular workspace.



We provide you with a two- or three-dimensional proposal, containing furniture, colour and material options for the products. We also offer interior design services. Together, we devise the perfect solution.




At this stage, it is crucial to include management, staff and other members in the process. See, feel and try out our furniture in one of our showrooms. For large-scale projects, we offer on-site display suites to demonstrate precisely how certain tables and desks would fit and feel in a certain setting. 



Once you have reached a decision, we create a customer number. You then receive your order confirmation within a few days, and delivery times are finalised. 



Simply wait for the appointed day, when we deliver your solution directly to your doorstep. We use soft blankets to pad your purchase and our own furniture fitters to undertake a strict quality control once the items are in place. 




Once you have fully inspected the completed installation, we continue to develop ideas as your business needs change.


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