The analysis leads the way

Research clearly shows that the physical environment affects people's well-being and quality of life. When the environment and interior design has been designed according to identified needs, with a well-thought-out flow in the premises and the right specifications, spaces with a focus on well-being, function and inclusion can be created. The core values of such a solution are based on empathy, understanding and respect. Investing is about wanting to improve, change and create a solution offering long-term sustainability. The focus then needs to be on critical issues at an early stage, analysis and gathering knowledge. The process also requires interdisciplinary input, responsiveness and clear leadership.

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Our long experience of designing different healthcare spaces has shown us that solid pre-work creates success. The result is a fantastic and well-thought-out solution that meets the needs of residents, staff and relatives. In other words, a sustainable and healtheconomic investment. Let Kinnarps help you create your next healthcare environment.



Define the end result

The Next Care® needs analysis lays the foundation for how your healthcare environments should be designed to best support residents, staff and relatives.



From idea to action

We help you translate the needs analysis results into a design concept, layout and tangible drawing. We go through ergonomics, functions and sustainability.



Introducing the potential

Through our own efficient logistics and delivery system, we deliver and install your interior completely according to drawing. We help you introduce and implement environments, furniture, ergonomics and working methods so that everyone understands the potential.



Knowing is better than guessing

Based on your needs analysis, you can then continuously follow up on how your healthcare spaces are working and identify whether your needs have changed.

Next Care® needs analysis

Our Next Care® needs analysis helps you gather valuable knowledge and data before designing your healthcare environments. With specially developed tools, our experienced healthcare environment strategists guide the management team, decision-makers, and reference group with different skills and professions in the work with vision, goals and framework for the project. Through workshops, lectures and a web survey, they then help you map needs and work patterns, and involve staff, residents and relatives in a well-thought-out way. We focus on thinking ahead and inspire you to open up to new ideas about how the physical healthcare environment can be optimised and used to best support day-to-day activities. The efforts you need to put in are time, planning, management-led change and employee engagement. The analysis provides you with facts, a solid knowledge base and a qualitative basis for how your healthcare spaces can be designed to best meet your needs.

This is what you get with Next Care®

Situation analysis

• Rating of how well your existing spaces support residents, staff and relatives based on:

   - Security and self-determination
   - Stimulation and participation
   - Staff working environment
   - Inclusion
   - Acoustics, light and air
   - Working methods and activities

Help with the
change journey

• Management perspective

• Staff, resident and relative perspective

• Involvement and onboarding

• Recommendations on the physical environment linked to various activities

Space planning

• Type of spaces

• Number of spaces

• What each space contains

• m² per space and total area

Key analysis activities

& goals



  1. 1. Start-up meeting
  2. 2. Lecture Health-promoting spaces for quality of life
  3. 3. Workshop vision, goals & strategy
  4. 4. Framework
  5. 5. Project and time plan
  6. 6. Budget

& involvement


Staff/reference group

  1. 1. Lecture Health-promoting spaces for quality of life
  2. 2. Information and involvement
  3. 3. Mapping of working methods and needs
  4. 4. Workshops
  5. 5. Interviews
  6. 6. Studies of inspiring spaces
  7. 7. Web survey

& recommendations



  1. 1. Review of results report
  2. 2. Decision on the way forward
  3. 3. Recommendations on the physical space linked to various activities
  4. 4. Space planning
  5. 5. Layout recommendations
  6. 6. Qualitative basis for drawing and interior design selections

Questions to consider when designing healthcare spaces

• Do the spaces provide security and self-determination?

• Do the spaces encourage stimulation and participation?

• Do the spaces support the staff in their work?

• Is everyone – also relatives – included in a natural way?

• How do we perceive the acoustics, light and air?

• Are the spaces designed for our way of working and the activities taking place?