Volvo starts new DUO2 project with Kinnarps

Volvo and Kinnarps have obtained permission from the Swedish Transport Agency to test a new HCT rig measuring 27.35 metres during a five year period. The project aims to increase the load volume with a vehicle combination of a tractor unit and two trailers to be put into operation in October.

Kinnarps' purpose is to investigate whether HCT (High Capacity Transport) can contribute to reducing environmental impact and the number of transports.

  "Kinnarps already has a unique logistics concept allowing a load carrier to transport up to 50% more furniture than the rest of the industry, says CEO Robert Petersson. This is made possible by transporting our products wrapped in blankets and cardboard rather than packaging them in boxes. We are now taking yet another step to reduce the environmental footprint of our transports by collaborating in the DUO2 project with Volvo."

The DUO trailer rig will initially run between Skillingaryd, Jönköping and Kinnarp. This is a distance of approximately 1,000 km per day. The goal of the project is to reduce this distance to 750 km by cutting one trip a day.

  "The DUO trailer project is an important part of Volvo's HCT efforts. We have worked a long time to get this trial of three 7.82 metre swap-bodies out on the motorways. They are intermodal, packed directly at the factory for distribution and a very common EMS on the continent. This vehicle combination is very responsive and, as such, has good accessibility out on the roads," says Lena Larsson, Project Manager and HCT Expert at Volvo Trucks.

The truck is optimised to accommodate as much volume as possible within a total height of four metres, a total length of 27.35 metres and a gross weight of 64 tonnes.  It has a low ride height, as well as air suspension with great height adjustability that allows for adaptation when loading and unloading while remaining within the total height limitations.  The load capacity increases by 50% to 150 m3, which corresponds to a usable capacity of approximately 130 m3.

The trial is part of the DUO2 project in which DUO trailers are also tested.


The first DUO trailer combination in this trial consists of:

  • A Volvo FH540, 6x2 with steered tag axle and two double-axle trailers built using Volvo components. This entails the same height adjustability for cabs and trailers
  • Kinnarps Swap-Body, interior height of 2.95 metres (outer height 3.20 metres)



  • Total length: 27.35 m
  • Width: 2.55 m
  •  Height: 4 m

About Kinnarps


Kinnarps delivers interior design solutions for offices, schools and healthcare facilities. The entire value chain is characterised by high quality and low environmental impact – from raw materials to finished workplace solutions. Kinnarps is one of Europe's biggest manufacturers of interior design solutions for workplaces, with operations in 40 countries and a Group turnover of over 420 million Euro. Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. It is still today a wholly-owned family business.