Client projects: Ahlsell



Salesperson at Kinnarps: 
Ann-Sofie Asplund, Cristina Kelly

Spectrum Arkitekter

Surface area:
3,800 square metres

Workstations for 150 employees

Spring 2019

From room-based office to activity-based workspace


Ahlsell's new premises are based on the motto ”Robust with finesse” to reflect the brand and create a high-quality workspace. All rooms are colour coordinated in subtle tones with blue as the dominant colour. To avoid an impersonal feel in the transition from room-based office to activity-based workspace, they utilised the natural sequences of the workspace and created areas with separate zones through smart furniture choices.



The sofas are part of the Fields range from Kinnarps, a concept designed to provide creative oases or space for privacy in open-plan areas. The different modules can be combined and adapted according to requirements and allow the room to be furnished in a flexible way.



Kinnarps' Leia shell chair has been specially designed for meeting and teaching spaces. The ergonomic design makes for a comfortable sitting position that takes the pressure off the back and legs, and the award-winning design gives the room a lift.



Scandinavia is a timeless classic from Kinnarps whose clean, simple lines work well in all environments. The sofa has removable upholstery and reversible cushions for a longer lifespan.

"We went from a room-based office to an activity-based workspace and it was crucial for us to ensure that all our employees would be happy. Kinnarps were really accommodating and flexible in their approach and we love our new workspace. It's a high-quality space with attractive colours and a high level of comfort - it feels like our brand - robust with finesse!"

Maria Bjurenstedt, project manager at Ahlsell

Soundproofing as furnishing

Screens, textiles, sound absorbers and textile flooring absorb the sound in the open-plan environment and also give the office a cosy, uniform feel by highlighting and reinforcing the colour theme.

Individual lockers make for tidy surfaces

Every employee has their own locker with an electronic lock which they can use to store their personal possessions during the working day. The lockers create another natural space in the room and are an easy way of keeping the office tidy.

Geometric design

The geometric design, with its sharp, clearly defined lines, is picked up in both furniture and sound absorbers and gives rise to a contemporary, carefully considered look.

Zones for meetings large and small

All over the office are zones of varying sizes for phone calls, meetings or focused, private working. High-back furniture is an effective way of creating soft walls in the room and creates a warm, furnished feel.

Ahlsell wanted to retain the personal, cosy feel in spite of the large, light open-plan spaces. By choosing furniture based on a specific design and a particular colour scheme, they have created zones and a flexible workspace adapted to their employees' needs.

The customer worked closely with the architect and Kinnarps to find the right feel and ergonomics and now has a high-quality, sustainable and functional work environment with a contemporary design and a high level of comfort.