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Brain Embassy Tel Aviv


5,300 m2

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Roy David of Roy David Architecture

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David Raz Management

Itay Benit

A co-working space with a difference

The Brain Embassy is a unique co-working space and concept. First established in Poland before being successfully applied in Belgium, the latest expression of the brand recently opened in Israel. Functionality, carefully chosen materials and a distinct local flavour were harmonised to create a one-of-a-kind interior design solution.

Supporting creativity through design

Visitors to any Brain Embassy co-working space seldom leave without a positive impression - and the Tel Aviv Brain Embassy is no exception. At 5300m2 in size and located over 5 floors of a building purpose built for Brain Embassy, each level has its own distinct character. Careful planning and smart design have been applied to every square metre. For example, floor plan design places many of the building’s offices adjacent to windows, where most natural light is received. On the floors named ‘Be Yourself’, tenants occupy small to medium office units and open space workstations while also enjoying an executive room and conference room. Kitchens and dining areas can be found on every floor, increasing the relaxed vibe, while the top level is home to a ‘Boutique Floor’ that features its own distinct look and feel. Nir Kelner, Brain Embassy’s CEO, describes how the company is very much focused on delivering a quality experience with a difference.

“We’ve taken the concept of co-working to a higher level. Not just here in Tel Aviv but also in our other locations, our business model and our premises allow us to create a high-end product. We pay attention to factors such as design, acoustics and the various ways of working we want to offer our tenants, the purpose being to offer a level of quality that’s unusual in our industry.”

Nir Kelner, CEO at Brain Embassy

But what can guests and tenants at a Brain Embassy co-working space expect? Nir continues -
“We support creativity. We want our guests to be inspired by their surroundings. We do this by adding variation to their working day by allowing them to move and work freely in the space - for example, our guests can spend time at a desk, standing or sitting. They can sit in a communal area. They can even sit on one of the swings or pilates balls we provide. At Brain Embassy, flexibility and a guest-focused approach are everything - and all the time, they’re surrounded by inspiring, quirky and functional design details and high-quality furniture and fittings. By offering this, we believe we’re creating the best conditions for our guests to succeed and run their businesses in the most effective way.”

“We were looking for a partner that shared the values we want to give to our customers and Kinnarps were a perfect match. We’re extremely happy with the end result and our ‘Brainers’, as we call our tenants, love it too. They expect more from us and Kinnarps delivered this while adding another dimension to the Brain Embassy experience.”

Nir Kelner, CEO at Brain Embassy

Deli chairs on wheels and Uni table invites to collaboration.

The creative corner with Motus stools and Mr T stools in different sizes.

The Boullée balance balls offers another and creative way of sitting, encouraging movement and preventing static sitting.

Defining the architectural vision

Achieving Brain Embassy’s far-reaching co-working ambitions in the Tel Aviv space was a combination of many factors, not least the creativity of lead architect Roy David of Roy David Architecture. When asked to describe the design process and how he defined the architectural vision, his response was as follows -

“The design process was complex and unique. First, it was essential to study Brain Embassy’s brand culture and spirit as well as their existing spaces in Poland. We met with the Polish team and took a deep dive into their unique program, guidelines and the precise design language that had been established. We learned the story behind the brand and how thoughts and ideas have come together in one place - not just in terms of working together, but creating, sharing and above all, thinking outside the box.”

However, simply repeating the successful approach from Poland was never an option. Opening the first branch of the Brand Embassy brand in Israel required adaptation to the country's culture and audience. To achieve this, the architect considered some fundamental cultural questions. What is an Israeli space? Where do Israelis feel comfortable being together? What characterizes the Israeli common space? Is there one place that makes all Israelis feel at home as a community?


The Flex Up chairs offers high seating for many.


The Fields sofa and coffee tables are part of a family with several combinations of soft seating.


Creative workstations are designed with Esencia task chair and Nexus table together with Space storage.

The shuk - a celebration of israeli culture

The answer to all these questions and inspiration for the project was found in the “Shuk”, or traditional Israeli market. 

“The Shuk is a genuine Israeli cultural experience. Each market has its own sights, sounds, smells, colours and characters. The Shuk creates a sense of community and we saw all these characteristics as a distinct, strong starting point for many aspects of the project. The most vivid expression of this is the creation of varied work zones and rooms, both informal and formal. Just like the Shuk, they’re designed to bring people together.”

Architect Roy David of Roy David Architecture

From this idea, design elements were carefully selected to reflect the brand’s language while also celebrating the cultural and aesthetic characteristics of the Shuk. Materials used to achieve this included recycled red brick, iron profiles and oak parquet floor. These were combined with antique doors, painted tiles, carpets and rich vegetation as well as glass and murals that reflected the concept.

At this stage, with the architects’ vision starting to take shape, a supplier with proven experience of devising and creating complete interior solutions was required. The project team turned to Kinnarps.



Smart functionality and ergonomic excellence

Delivering a total interior solution for Brain Embassy required skillful planning. Characteristics such as smart functionality and ergonomic excellence were vital while the visual tonality of the Shuk interior concept also had to be taken into consideration. After an intensive period of needs analysis and preparation, Kinnarps presented a solution for all five floors of the building.

The Brain Embassy in Tel Aviv showcases how innovative design and total interior solutions can create a unique ‘eco-system’ and a stimulating modern workplace. In this post-pandemic world, the project also exemplifies how thinking outside the box can lead to commercial and functional solutions that are both effective and visually stunning.

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