Client projects: Carpe Diem Dementia Village

Project facts

Bærum Municipality

Size of furnished premises:
18,000 m2 new build

Number of residents:  
158 beds in a total of 17 housing units


A vibrant village

Bærum Municipality wanted to build a different kind of living space for patients with dementia. It's a place with room to master everyday life, with focus on and access to outdoor areas without compromising on the safety of the residents. Because the experience of mastering everyday tasks is important in feeling safe. The result was Carpe Diem Dementia Village: the first of its kind in Norway.

The village was completed in autumn 2020, and the planned move-in date was set for September of the same year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, not everyone was able to move in at the same time but, slowly and safely, the rooms are being filled by new residents.

The design of the village is inspired by a similar project in the Netherlands, and can accommodate 158 residents in 17 housing units, as well as day and long-term units.

Unique housing units

In its tender order, Bærum Municipality emphasised that the various housing units should be designed in a way that showcased each unit's mood and details that the residents were already familiar with. In order to achieve that homely feeling, the work with interior design and furnishings was more extensive and complex than in other more traditional nursing homes.

The small community should be just that – a safe, clearly-defined area where the residents can experience being part of a social community, while still remaining as independent as possible.

This is why Carpe Diem Dementia Village includes a number of features and facilities not normally seen in this type of facility. This includes a community centre, hairdressers, pub, café and spaces for enjoying different hobbies. The facility also has a fantastic outdoor area, including a village square and a garden with zones for both activities and taking a break, along with beautiful vegetable gardens and flower beds.

In the long term, Bærum Municipality wants to assimilate the facility with the local environment, so that it becomes even more involved with society at large.



Dynamic collaboration with Kinnarps

Kinnarps’ focus on sustainability and the environment were highlighted as important factors when the municipality chose an interior design supplier. Interior design studio CADI Interiørarkitekter has worked closely with Kinnarps on this project, highlighting the follow-up in particular as a positive experience.

“We found that Kinnarps had delivery to the construction site well under control, despite a complex build”.

Kinnarps' consultant was well-acquainted with the plans and made sure that the right piece of furniture was delivered to the right place. All delivery deadlines were met and those responsible describe it as a smooth process. For Kinnarps, it was important to understand the goal of the project.

Kinnarps was very involved in the project’s vision, and wanted to contribute towards all its points being met. The consultant was focused on providing for the best possible delivery. They were able to adapt to changes at short notice and found excellent solutions for unforeseen issues. The consultant provided regular progress reports and delivered within the agreed deadlines. The delivery was consistently solid.

CADI Interiørarkitekter AS


Carpe Diem has a number of facilities for clubs and activities.


Kurbits and Nivå coffee tables, art on the walls and colourful textiles all help to create that homely feeling. The living room is decorated with the same elements that you might find in a traditional home.

Health building of the year in 2020

In Carpe Diem Dementia Village the focus is on health, with an emphasis on ensuring residents can continue to live their lives as close as possible to the way they have always lived. Naturally, interior design plays an important role here.

When the project was named Health Building of the Year in autumn 2020 by certification company Nohrcon, it was exactly this homely feeling that was highlighted as grounds for the decision. The jury stated that the project lives up to its “Like a home” vision, and also praised the project’s choice of materials, excellent outdoor areas and social zones.

Carpe Diem Dementia Village is anything but a stereotypical institution, yet it still meets all the requirements for universal design and treatment in healthcare facilities.

Each housing unit has its own unique look. Soft shapes with Curt easy chairs and tables with rounded edges have been chosen for one of the kitchens. In another kitchen, we find tighter lines and darker colours.


Small furniture pieces, such as Julia 765 NC Care, books and classic decorations on the walls contribute to the homely feel.


It's designed so that family members and volunteers can participate in the village life.


Holistic interior design in the social dining zones makes the space both cosy and flexible. Easy to use for residents, visitors and staff.

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