Client projects: French high administration

French high administration

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Alexis Paoli

French government departments move offices

In Paris, Kinnarps created an office concept for some of the support services working for the French government. These innovative workplaces have been created to meet the requirements of their occupants in terms of productivity and wellbeing. At first sight, the expectations associated with replacing the furnishings were as follows: better ergonomics to increase staff comfort, and a brand new design to change the look of the site.

We needed to guide through a transformation and rethink the office space for certain departments which have been brought together, in order to encourage interaction and create new collective dynamics. This is why Kinnarps stresses the benefits of creating tailor-made spaces suited to every type of task. Many factors come into play and each individual has their own requirements. That’s why we always strive to meet everyone’s needs as closely as possible.

The freedom the customer gave us meant we had the power to express the essence of Kinnarps, i.e. to use a multitude of colours and shapes in order to create an appropriate, practical and pleasant environment.

The new arrangement respects employees' needs according to the work they need to carry out. In addition, we set up communal areas containing high tables and stools. 

The problem:

The stated needs were to have more space, more light and a friendlier atmosphere encouraging people to move around, talk to each other and work collaboratively while ensuring the changes fitted into this remarkable property.

The solution:

We converted a variety of spaces, with each one adapting to the layout of the premises in order to meet a particular need. This is how we were able to achieve a result to meet our customer’s expectations. Indeed, we capitalised on the beauty and brightness of the premises to showcase the furnishings while also offering staff the comfort they need.

An open space for formal meetings

The informal meeting area

A Hal table, Neo Lite Barstool chairs, a Boullée spherical seat and Spino sofa – all in a large, bright, open space. This location is notable for the large amount of space available. The furniture has been positioned in a way that invites employees to sit down and engage in conversation.

The restaurant

A solid oak table with Neo Lite chairs. This chair is available with or without armrests, in a range of frames and with a choice of material for the padding. Here it appears in four colours, and its clean style and geometric shapes make it an eye-catching design.

The relaxation area

The Crest sofa in burgundy velvet is both comfortable and beautiful. Its fabric and colour can be customised, making it the perfect piece for many types of spaces, such as entrance halls, waiting areas or lounges.

A range of people use the workspaces in the collaborative area, so it was important to install furniture offering different functions. Some is intended for long periods of concentration, while some is for short periods of work undertaken seated, such as project work. We think chairs should be intuitive and that the various workspaces must be able to cater for different types of work.



  • The aim was to create a professional workspace with high-quality furnishings and a focus on flexible solutions that bring people together.
  • The working areas contain furniture that offers different functions. Some is designed for work involving concentration, while some is for short periods of sitting or for project work.
  • The open plan areas are furnished in various ways, both in the restaurant and the working areas. This is an office providing positive dynamics and flexibility between interaction and adaptation to the individual.
  • The result is an interior that is both flexible and versatile, which focuses on sustainable solutions and uses durable textiles that make the space warm and acoustically comfortable.