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July 2021

Alexis Paoli

A business-oriented location that takes employee well-being into account

As of July 2021, Fujitsu’s head office has been located in Tour Alto, in the La Défense district of Paris. They were the first business to move into the tower, which was completed in the middle of the pandemic.

Alto is a 38-storey skyscraper at the heart of the Saisons district in Courbevoie boasting a sought-after location with easy access, an unrivalled range of services and spaces to host, meet and entertain. Standing at a height of 150 metres, with a flared shape and an area of almost 51,000 m², the tower’s façade is covered with 3,800 glass scales, a unique feature that harmoniously complements the skyline of Paris La Défense. The project also incorporates the best environmental certification standards. To summarise, Alto is a place that combines ergonomics and attractive design.

This collaborative space has a spacious layout and an unobstructed view of the surrounding towers. The furniture has been positioned in a way that invites employees to sit down and engage in conversation.

The support from our Kinnarps sales representative during this project was top level! We really appreciated how available and responsive he was. The project took off really quickly. We were in the Kinnarps showroom in Orgeval the very next day. It was an excellent decision to work with Kinnarps. And we are very happy with the result.

Anne Talagrand, Head of Human Resources, Fujitsu France

Fujitsu wanted to get as close as possible to its customers (within the customer ecosystem) or at the very least to facilitate access. This location therefore not only fulfils a commercial objective, but also an objective of quality of life at work for its current and future employees.

New premises, located in a transport hub and accessible in a few minutes are strong signals, especially in the world of IT. This location really reflects a strong employer brand for Fujitsu, which is involved in the IT sector and therefore in innovation.

Improving the services offered to its employees in this new location (company restaurant, gym, recycling, and more) ensures better well-being at work for Fujitsu’s employees. In a world of changing work habits, all linked to the pandemic and increased remote working, Fujitsu wanted to look at the benefits and reasons for employees to come to the office. All the more so as the nomadic sales team is a significant part of the company’s workforce. 

Fujitsu has also reviewed its way of working and has taken advantage of this change of location to introduce a flex office. In the headquarters there are 123 workstations, and several other kinds of spaces to work at, available for the 220 employees.

Fujitsu considered a full flex office, though after analysing the feedback, the company opted for a flex office within specific areas. This allows employees to have a clearly identified area and to avoid wasting time in the morning looking for a space to work or a colleague. These spaces were defined based on the collaboration between the teams.

The spaces can be reserved, so employees can ensure they have a desk and save time by knowing where to sit when they arrive in the morning. The individual booths are very popular with employees who work in open spaces, as they allow them to separate themselves from everyone else for discussions in complete privacy. For even greater flexibility and agility, these cannot be reserved.

Fujitsu’s criteria for choosing the furniture were design and ergonomics. In addition to discussions over the phone, visits to the showroom in Orgeval guided by the Kinnarps sales representative helped the Fujitsu teams in charge of the project to make their furniture choices. In search of comfort, two separate visits allowed the company to try out chairs, armchairs, desks and much more again and again.

Great importance was placed on fabrics, materials, colours, aesthetics and overall design.

Fujitsu occupies one and a half floors in the Alto Tower, taking up a total of 2,220 m², and wanted to define spaces using colour marking.

On the full floor (the upper floor), to create a dynamic and contemporary spirit, the fabrics are in ochre and terracotta shades. There are mainly co-working spaces on this floor.

On the floor below, Fujitsu wanted to focus its décor around the feel of a ‘Zen garden’ space with plants – a nod to the company’s Japanese culture. It is decorated in blue and green shades. The spaces are intended for working in small groups.

This new work space has enabled Fujitsu to hold evening events with its customers. During these opportunities for exchange and hospitality, the customers highlighted and admired the Kinnarps furniture.

The employees themselves had a chance to explore their new offices during an inauguration week at the start of July 2021. Their feedback is overwhelmingly positive and they appreciate the homely and cocooning atmosphere, the choice of colours and materials, the furniture and the services offered by Tour Alto.

The warm colours and wood, especially the school bench, were particularly popular.

Employees like the sit/stand desks that help them work ergonomically as they can move around and change positions during their working day.


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  • This interior development project created a range of spaces that can adapt to different times of the day and to new ways of working.
  • A focus on flexible and user-friendly solutions.
  • A variety of seats for improved ergonomics.