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Hitachi High School in Ludvika. Hitachi High School is part of a group that includes ABB High School in Västerås, Vattenfall High School in Forsmark and Mälardalen International School in Västerås.

Ludvika, Sweden

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1631 m²

January 2023

The modular Pio sofa in a circular constellation offers a natural meeting space.

Safe learning environment and visionary workplace

“The furnishings enhance our identity and attractiveness”

Hitachi High School in Ludvika aims to have an attractive technical programme and be a bridge into the workforce for students. “For us, it’s important that the interior design has an adult feel and that it closely mimics a workplace, and that it offers a safe and inspiring learning environment,” says the school's CEO Inga Näslund.

Hitachi High School has a history of close cooperation with the business community and has been based in the same premises as Hitachi Energy in Ludvika since January 2023. It is this interface that characterises the company’s vision and way of working, not to mention the learning environment.

"Not only are we an upper secondary school, but for our students, we are also a bridge into adult life and the workforce. This vision is reflected in our physical environment and contributes to us being perceived as both an attractive programme and an inspiring workplace."

Inga Näslund, CEO of Hitachi High School

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The classrooms have been furnished with the ergonomic Xpect chair, which with its flexing back allows micro-movements and counteracts static sitting. The design provides greater comfort and helps maintain concentration for longer. Xpect is also easy to stack and suspend from the table, which only adds to its flexibility.

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Study spaces with the durable Nilo chair, here with castors for greater flexibility. The upholstered furniture and carpet improve the acoustic environment and enable better focus.

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The Point sofa, paired with the Asto table, is a secure basis for your interior design and accommodates many. Point is available in a number of modular versions that can be combined in different ways.

To live up to this vision, the classrooms have rather traditional school seating, and the common areas take on a freer expression. It offers products and spaces that are colourful, creative and reminiscent of a workplace, while also supporting focused learning.

"For us, it was about creating a holistic experience using spaces that suit different learning situations, tasks and individuals. Not least, it was important to create good total ergonomics in terms of acoustics and lighting for both students and employees," says Inga Näslund.

In the classrooms, students are offered the Xpect chair and the Origo table in two different heights, offering variety and inclusion. A warm, earthy colour scheme offers a sense of peace and quiet.

The special challenge of creating learning environments for students quickly nearing adulthood therefore required some innovative thinking. Somewhat traditional school furniture has been mixed with furniture and solutions often found in offices. But the project also included taking inventory of existing furniture. As sustainability is one of the school's core values, Hitachi High School strove to reuse as much as possible in the name of environmental and economical sustainability.

"The Kinnarps team came and looked through all our furniture. We had a strong desire for the interior design to be both visually and practically linked, and through careful planning, we were able to retain much of our furniture. By replacing tabletops and upholstery, our old products now blend in perfectly with the new holistics."

Inga Näslund, CEO of Hitachi High School

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One of the group rooms is furnished with recycled furniture that has been carefully integrated into the new school. The Origo table has been given a new top and an older chair model from Kinnarps has been reupholstered.

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Sustainable circularity. The stamp on the underside is a testament to the fact that the furniture has already lived a long life. Thanks to their high quality and Kinnarps’ circular services, they can continue to live on.

Teamwork, Realwork, Dreamwork

The vision of Hitachi High School is summarised in the expressions Teamwork, Realwork and Dreamwork, which were also used as guidance in designing the interiors. Teamwork is about creating the conditions for collaboration. Thus, the shared study spaces have flexible activity adapted solutions.

Realwork refers to proximity to work life which has been realised in the learning environment through workplace-like interior design, including modern section seating. And Dreamwork pertains to the innovative force and imagination that will enable students to face the challenges of tomorrow and contribute to a sustainable future. This is manifested in the popular student cafe’s dynamic interior design and colour scheme.

"Our vision and the physical environment must go hand in hand if we are to be credible and live up to our values and brand. We now have an interior design that enhances not only our identity, but also our attractiveness. The environment has a positive impact on student behaviour and creates good conditions for our activities."

Inga Näslund, CEO of Hitachi High School

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