Client projects: Järfälla High School

Project facts

Järfälla High School

Järfälla, Sweden

Atrium Ljungberg

3250 m²


Number of staff:
Approx. 45 teachers and other staff

Number of students:
Workplace for up to 500 students

January 2022

Learning space with a focus on accessibility

A different, inclusive and inspiring learning space for students attending Järfälla High School. When the university preparatory programme moved to new premises in Barkarbystaden, Kinnarps was tasked with creating interior design that encourages learning and meets the needs of young adults for creative interaction as well as solo studying. The school applies to the called Accessible Learning according to the criteria of the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, which further challenged Kinnarps to think outside the box in order to convert the ideas and needs of the school management and students into reality.

Dialogue and consultation ensured consensus, inclusion and well-being

Kinnarps and Järfälla High School worked closely together in order to find a total solution on which everyone could agree, with the students, the principal and the staff all involved in the decision-making process. For example, Kinnarps presented more seating space suggestions than were specified in the order, so the students were able to try out and vote for their four favourites. The result is a study and working environment that the students strongly support and where everyone has had their say.

Accessible learning for young adults

The task Kinnarps was given was clear: Järfälla High School´s new premises should reflect the fact that the studies are a threshold to adult life and preparation for university studies or work. The interior design has been carefully selected and assembled to create room for development and learning, with space for working in groups as well as opportunities for privacy and concentration.

Bookable rooms for collaboration and study rooms for focus

Inspired by modern workplaces, an open-plan and flexible interior was created which more closely resembles the future workplaces of the students than traditional school interiors. In addition to the open space Studietorget, there are bookable group rooms and study rooms where students can study in peace and quiet, alone or in groups.

Good acoustic environment with well-planned solutions and smart material choices

The premises in the building are flooded with light, both from floor-to-ceiling windows around the entire storey and from the middle of the building, which is open all the way up to the glass ceiling on the tenth floor. A school with several hundred students and teachers generates a lot of noise, so to create a good acoustic environment, Kinnarps has worked carefully with upholstered furniture, textiles and sound-absorbing screens.

All classrooms have been furnished to promote flexibility and dynamics. The Xpect chair encourages movement and offers good ergonomics to all students. The Origo table with castors makes it easy to change the room depending on the learning situation, which was a specific request from the teachers.

Assignment with focus on sustainable solutions

Järfälla Municipality’s entire operations are focused on sustainability and consideration for the environment at every stage, and it is the first in Sweden to certify an entire district, specifically Barkarbystaden, where Järfälla High School´s new premises are located. All furniture from Kinnarps’ own brand is made in Sweden from carefully selected, sustainable materials. All deliveries are packed together and transported without unnecessary single-use packaging.

The sustainability aspect was crucial in the procurement process and permeated the entire assignment. Kinnarps was able to both meet and exceed our environmental and quality-related sustainability requirements. Kinnarps’ furniture and interior design are of an exceptionally high quality, durable and functional, and last year after year, so we can focus on our activities.

Principal Mariella Augustsson

There was a special request for the lighting in the rooms to contribute to the aesthetics, rather than simply providing illumination. Here is an excellent example of how a fitting with its wide screen frames and complements the interior design. Fields sofas with a high back create a cosy room-within-a-room, and in front students are invited to sit at the Asto table on the accompanying Leia chair with an upholstered seat for added comfort.

In this project, Kinnarps has met Järfälla High School´s requirements for multiple aspects of sustainability – social, environmental and quality-related. Through close two-way communication with the management, teachers and students throughout the entire process, they have landed on a solution where everyone feels included and where the new school environment creates the best conditions for accessible learning for many years to come.

We’re extremely satisfied with Kinnarps’ delivery and it has truly been a great collaboration. A project like this is a major investment for a school, where the functionality, colours and shapes are intended to last for many years to come. This is a once-in-a-lifetime project for a principal, which is why it’s so reassuring and rewarding to know the end result far exceeded our expectations. Kinnarps converted our vision into reality.

Principal Mariella Augustsson


  • • An interior design solution that supports different activities with the motto “It should be easy to study correctly”

    • A study space based on the Accessible Learning criteria of the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

    • Sustainability focus in environmental, quality-related and social aspects

    • Inclusive process with a focus on two-way communication created commitment and ensures well-being