Kolbotn care facilities and Ingiertun activity centre

Number of employees:

800 m2

Customer contact:
Audun Wigdel

Kinnarps contact:
Torill Solberg

Spring 2019


We are very proud to be named the Health Building of the Year 2019. Kinnarps has helped to create a living environment that showcases the absolute absence of an institutional touch, says Audun Wigdel, General Manager of Kolbotn care homes.

The interior is warm, friendly and homely, while still being modern. There is very little about the building that appears institution-like, whether you see it from the outside or from the inside. The jury in "Health Building of the Year 2019" emphasised the untraditional corridor design and the thoughtful use of materials, that give the project a homely feel and good living areas. Moreover, Thomas Sjøvold, Mayor of Oppegård, commends the project: "This is a very special building, in which every detail has been specially designed with the users in mind."


The Ellinors wooden chair creates a sense of stability. A chair that provides a feeling of home, and that perfectly fits in restaurants, living rooms and dining rooms in public environments and retirement homes. The chairs have padded seats and are assembled so that debris does not get stuck between the fabric, seat and frame.


The Park sofa has been designed to create a feeling of bringing the outdoors inside. The inspiration comes from park benches. The ribs can be padded in different fabrics. The bench provides a lovely feeling of sitting outside in a green oasis.


Monroe is a welcoming chair with an appealing look. The chair is comfortable to sit in, is functional, and has been well designed, so that it contributes to a tasteful expression. When you make your own personal piece, you can choose between different fabrics from the Kinnarps Colour Studio, thus allowing you to easily combine it with other furniture.

"The experience of being able to share in the commitment and enthusiasm of the project was very special for Kinnarps, and incredibly important to us. During a period of much uncertainty, and postponements around the completion and acquisition of a new building, Kinnarps also showed a high degree of flexibility and service. We are incredibly pleased with the result, and we are really looking forward to moving in!"

Audun Wigdel, Business Manager of Kolbotn care facilities.


"Kinnarps has been a professional, committed and responsive partner", says Audun Wigdel.

"We wanted a stylish interior with a Nordic design while, at the same time, we wanted it to feel homely to residents and users. The common areas and meeting places were important: The furniture in these areas were to have no institutional touches by giving off an impression of being old fashioned. We wanted a modern design and quality, and furniture that was practical, especially in terms of general cleaning, as well as special cleaning in the case of mishaps."


The building itself is designed as a passive house with a wooden facade and solid wood support system. The municipality was concerned about the entire project being sustainable. The architecture is modern and Nordic, and inspired by cabins and pavilions. The principles of the concept of "micro-urbanism" are consistent both inside and out. It was a requirement that the interior had to reflect the style of the building.

"We have received a healthcare building with the absolute absence of institutional touches, together with modern, colourful and "homely" furniture that very much harmonises with the identity of the building", says Audun Wigdel.


Warm woodwork and fresh colours are consistent throughout the interior. Tones of yellow, green, blue and red, combined with earth tones. There are many zones and meeting places that stimulate the senses, and nothing is white and sterile. There are different colours or woodwork on the walls, photo art in the walking areas, corridors with interesting nooks and angles, and decorative glass walls with forest patterns.


The new healthcare building consists of 72 care homes with associated service features, a day activity centre and a home care services base. Kinnarps has been responsible for the interior of all common rooms and offices.


  • The interior design is based on an untraditional corridor design. The thoughtful use of material gives the project a homely feel and lovely living areas.
  • The facade is inviting and does not look institutional. The building has a good and functional floor plan. This is a very special building, in which every detail has been specially designed with the users in mind. Universal design, collaboration, climate imprint and sensory experiences have been central.
  • Kolbotn care homes are an example of a successful link between function, construction, materials and architecture. The building has been created based on the municipality's wish that the interior should not look like an institution, with monotonous corridors and sterile living rooms.
  • The concept has been followed up with the extensive use of wood as a building material, both to create a cozy and warm atmosphere, as well as for environmental reasons. The top four floors have been built using solid wood as a supporting structure, and this wood is visible inside the homes and common rooms. The building has been clad with heat treated wood, in order to give it a golden glow.