Client projects: Orange Balma

Project facts

Orange Balma


Number of employees:

Number of workstations:
Over 1,000

17,000 m2

Completion date:
May 2021

Alexis Paoli

A digital & human campus 

Historically, Orange employees were spread across 14 buildings that were no longer suitable for today's working methods. Therefore, the entire objective of this development project was to totally improve the way employees work, with three major priorities:

Open areas for more collaborative working, with a real need for cross-functionality between teams and for agile working. A desire to reduce property costs incurred by the 14 historical buildings. To bring employees together and create a flagship site which would also act as a showcase for Orange's expertise.

Reflecting its corporate values, Orange's watchword was " Digital & Human".

"The local Kinnarps representatives were highly attentive, available and adaptable. We spent a lot of time working together. They gave me a great deal of professional advice on product types and choice of materials, fabrics and colours. The fitters did excellent work right up to the installation, and they were available and meticulous – both very important qualities for me."

Chrystèle Bourdarias, Project Director, Campus Toulouse Est




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A project with corporate social responsibility at its heart

The entire architectural project is part of an overall approach to CSR, from the new building to the outside areas. Its three hectares of land were formerly an industrial area and more than half has now been turned into green space.

From the construction works to installing the furnishings, our client was committed to working with environmentally and socially-responsible companies which recycled waste, reused furniture, and employed recycled materials.  

Kinnarps proposed furnishings to suit the diversity of the workspaces on the campus, which enabled the creation of rooms in which to rest or eat lunch, as well as areas for creative working. The final development created approximately 30 different spaces.

The product references for the furnishings were carefully selected by an internal multidisciplinary health and safety commission consisting of consultants from Kinnarps, occupational therapists and doctors. Prior to the project, staff were able to try out and take part in choosing the furnishings, thanks to a 500 m2 pilot space set up for six months.


  • This interior development project created a range of spaces that can adapt to different times of the day and new ways of working. 
  • It was widely welcomed, achieving an internal rating of 4.8/5 (*) for the quality of the furnishings, the brightness of the rooms, and the acoustic work carried out.











(*) Internal survey carried out by Orange Balma.