Client projects: Valle Wood



Interior architect:
Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter

Size of furnished premises:
2000 sqm

Spring 2019

Furniture for an innovative and sustainable workplace

Sturdy co-workers deserve the very best, and the staff at 4Service got just that. They wanted high-quality furniture with flexible and user-friendly solutions, and the very foundation of the project was sustainability. The choice was clear: furniture from Kinnarps.

Valle Wood has become the “it” place for the urban crowd. Kinnarps was very interested in furnishing this unique solid wood office building located in Oslo East. As the name suggests, wood is a major theme there. Kinnarps furniture gave the employees at 4Service a forest of opportunities for different ways to work.

Room for energy and efficiency

Work is so much more than just getting the job done, and you spend a third of your day at the workplace. At Valle Wood, things are growing. 4Service hires sturdy employees, and the office space helps create a good work environment. It’s true all the warm, wooden tones give the place a down-to-earth feel. But that won’t keep anyone from shooting for the sky.

Service and sustainability

4Service is a service company whose passion is giving a helping hand. Among other things, they offer janitorial services and support services for the workplace. It is important for the company to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible both locally and globally. They work systematically to be eco-friendly, focusing particularly on waste management and minimising the release of toxic chemicals. That’s why when it was time to furnish the new offices they wanted a like-minded partner.

Central and secluded

On the ground floor, 4Service built Trewerket: a coffee bar, restaurant/cafeteria, and event space. The second storey is a collaborative workspace with offices and meeting rooms available for short-term or long-term booking. Valle Wood is close to it all—downtown Oslo, nature in the outskirts of Oslo, and Oslo Airport Fornebu. The Helsfyr neighbourhood is also on the rise; prominent property developer NCC has big plans for the area. The interior mirrors this with its urban yet earthy style.

Dynamic flexibility

4Service wanted an interior decorating partner who could maintain the desired expression described by interior architect Torunn Petersen (Lund+Slaatto) while also completing the entire process within a reasonable, pre-set budget.

We are particularly pleased with the varied furnishings in the open areas, like the restaurant and collaborative spaces. It’s not a specific section, but the journey through the ground floor provides a dynamic flexibility between teamwork and individual adaptation.

Anette Reite, Concept Manager for FS and Commercial Business at 4Service

“Different users use the workspaces in the collaborative space, so it was important to suggest furniture with different functions. Some were for long-term concentration work, others would be more for sitting down for a short while, like project work. We feel like chairs should be intuitive and that the different areas should accommodate a variety of types of work.”


Kinnarps describes the interior design:

“The interior design is flexible and versatile. We are focusing on using sustainable fabrics. That makes the rooms cosy and acoustically pleasant. The colours help emphasise that Valle Wood is a sustainable building.”


  • The goal was to create a workspace with high quality furniture, focusing on flexible and user-friendly solutions.
  • The co-work areas includes furniture with different functions. Some for concentration work, others for sitting down quickly or project work.
  • There is variation in the furnishing of the open space, both in the restaurant and the co-work areas. An office that provides a good dynamic and flexibility between interaction and individual adaptation.
  • The result is an interior solution that is both flexible and versatile with focus on sustainable solutions. With sustainable textiles that make the space warm and acoustically comfortable.

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