Art. 966 A

Monroe, 4-leg | Art. no 966 A

Well-designed chair on four legs with an upholstered seat unit. The chair’s back and seat are made in one single unit, with Nozag suspension in the seat that provides extra sitting comfort. The armrests provide comfortable support for the arms.

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Certificate - Kinnarps.Lib.Models.BaseCertificate

Curvy and comfortable meeting chair

Monroe is our classic meeting and conference chair that is ideal for different types of meeting areas, meeting rooms or touch-down spaces for shorter periods of work. It’s a soft, comfortable and fully upholstered chair where every curve has a meaning and each line a purpose. The back and seat of the chair are made as a single unit, with Nozag suspension in the seat for enhanced sitting comfort. The seat unit is moulded in High Resilience (HR) Foam, a foam with high responsiveness and shape stability, which quickly recovers its shape. This also extends the life cycle of the chair. The back has a natural springiness that counteracts static sitting and increases blood circulation. With a 5-star base, Monroe is height adjustable for individual adaptation of the seat height. Its swivel function and castors make the chair easy to move and customise for different situations. Monroe is a sustainable choice and has been designed to last a long time in terms of look and functionality. It also carries the Möbelfakta label – a guarantee not only of non-toxic materials but also compliance with European quality and safety requirements for public spaces. The chair is comprised of a limited number of components, all of which can be replaced, updated and recycled, making it circular and sustainable in the long term. There are four different underframes to choose from: 4 legs, 4 legs with castors, sledge or 5-star base with castors. Vary the chair’s design and adapt it to different spaces by choosing among all the quality-assured fabrics in Kinnarps Colour Studio.