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439 m2

Q22 office building, Warsaw

Sylwia Tchórzewska, Piotr Makowski, Ecoffices Sp z o.o.

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Completion date:

Audika's new office and training centre in Warsaw

Audika is part of Demant’s international holding, and has been supporting people with hearing disabilities for over 100 years. Audika is the leader in auditory prosthetics in Poland, offering cutting-edge solutions that enable people with hearing loss to participate actively in social life. A new multi-purpose office was recently created for the Audika team of specialists, designed and implemented by Ecoffice Sp.z.o.o., for which Kinnarps provided ergonomic interior design solutions.

The modern space located in building Q22, at 439 sqm of area, houses a training centre and an office for 25 people. For the company, as part of a Danish holding, it was important that the space would reflect Scandinavian style and create a friendly, homely climate, which corresponds with its organisational culture.

Office and training centre

The aim of the project was to design a variety of different functions in a small space, and to clearly separate the training and the office area, as well as to ensure a very good acoustic environment due to the nature of the company’s operations.

Apart from the architecture of the building, which incorporates features such as the triangular shape of one of the training rooms, the challenge was to maintain a visual consistency of a large number of functions in a relatively small space. In many places, the space division is determined only by the colour scheme or the design detail, thereby influencing the perception of the space by users.

Sylwia Tchórzewska and Piotr Makowski from Ecoffices Sp. z o.o.

The compact office includes a reception area, an open space for 24 workplaces, and a training section with a wardrobe section, a meeting space, plus 3 meeting rooms and 4 teaching rooms, which can be combined, as well as a kitchenette with a cafe area in the hallway, and ancillary rooms.

Ergonomic and acoustic solutions

To meet the ergonomic needs of users, the workstations are equipped with height-adjustable desks with sliding table tops, making it easy to keep the cabling tidy. The desks are accompanied with the ergonomic and fully adjustable task chair Plus. The flexible design of the training zone is ensured by mobile folding tables Foldex, and 5000CV conference chairs with castors. Stackable chairs are also a very useful feature in multifunctional meeting/conference rooms.

An important aspect of the office design is acoustic comfort. The training section features acoustic glass walls and mobile partitioning screens in conference rooms; the meeting area, adjacent to the kitchenette is separated by felt panels, and an acoustic ceiling.

Lots of space met on a small area

The challenge for this project was the comprehensiveness of the client’s needs, to be reconciled with a small office space; but the use of the corridor space for social purposes, as well as the use of homely solutions made it possible to meet all the requirements, despite the numerous disruptions resulting from the pandemic. The well-thought-out functions, elaborate details, and a consistent colour scheme have resulted in a well-established, modern space.

We pride ourselves on having designed a space that is modern, aesthetically pleasing, and multi-functional. The training centre encompasses rooms that are as flexible as those at conference centres, while being as warm as they are friendly. Our office also shows how well one can use corridors for various activities. While maintaining high standards with respect to technology, acoustics and ergonomics, an attractive place for employees was created – a real office of the future; small, highly functional, and adaptable for its users. "It’s the office you want to come to in the hybrid world of work.

Anna-Maria Gronau, Administration Manager at Demant

​Hybrid office

In the era of hybrid working methods, the Audika office is an excellent example of a comfortable and functional working environment, which also adds value through its homely climate.

The training rooms feature mobile solutions such as Foldex folding tables, and 5000[cv] stackable meeting chairs with castors. This makes the space extremely flexible and easy to customise to the number of participants, and the type of tasks they are to perform.

Pilot conference chairs combine comfort with aesthetics. With adjustable seat height, the rotating and tilting functions, the easy chair allows you to sit in an ergonomically correct position. Details such as the soft armrests, and the gap between the seat and backrest enhance the functionality and hygiene and make the chair quite unique.

The Scandinavia sofa is a sustainable solution thanks to its well thought-out design. Removable upholstery and reversible cushions make it easy to keep the sofa clean, and increase its lifecycle. If required, you can also change the upholstery lining to give your interior a fresh new look, without having to replace the entire sofa with a new one.

Once again, we are delighted that Demant has trusted us, appreciating the ergonomics, quality and Scandinavian design offered by Kinnarps. Efficient communication, and deep awareness of the customer’s needs created quite a momentum for the whole process. With the right choice of products, interior solutions and colours, small spaces were transformed into functional and welcoming places for work, education and meetings.

Marta Pryczkowska-Gbiorczyk, Business Development Director at Kinnarps

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