Client projects: Brain Embassy

Welcome to Brain Embassy

Creating space for a creative community

Brain Embassy was looking to build a space to foster creative processes. Kinnarps helped form this unique office, a place where corporations, businesses, start-ups and freelancers meet daily.

Through the process, not a single detail was overlooked. Every fabric, colour and furniture piece, down to the tiny bolts and playful cable cars, was lovingly considered. The next time you find yourself in Warsaw, you know right where to go for an injection of inspiration.

Case Facts

Brain Embassy

Trzop Architekci

Adgar Poland

Floor Area:
1643 sqm

Work Stations:
140 open space, 110 separate offices


The central part of the office is occupied by a common space resembling a lounge or a town square, depending on the user’s perception.

Creative conference rooms and many informal meeting places, including the Brainstorm Room, the Floating Ideas Room, the Knowledge Room, or the Nap Room.

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“Esencia chairs with a self-weighing mechanism confirmed their versatility in workstations. We also used new generation desks, Nexus, including their bench version, which allows many people to work on the same desktop”

Monika Miksa, Key Account Manager, Kinnarps Polska