Create peace and quiet at work with our sound absorbers

Create peace and quiet at work with our sound absorbers

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It is important to choose the right kind of sound absorber in the office, one that truly absorbs noise optimally. Kinnarps' ceiling and wall absorbers have a high absorption capacity, facilitating the daily work of employees who often need to sit at their desks and work without interruption. Sound absorbers also work very well in other office environments, such as canteens, or in school classrooms, where there are a lot of people in one place.

Sound absorbers for walls and ceilings do wonders for your office

With Kinnarps' wall and ceiling hung screens, you can effectively improve the acoustic environment of your office. Ceiling and wall screens are clever in that they do not take up any floor or table space. Aside from being aesthetically attractive, they make office cleaning easier.

If you have limited space in your office, ceiling and wall screens are the perfect choice. They are available in different shapes and sizes; combine them to create an absolutely unique system.

Work more concentratedly and without interruption with our sound absorbers

It is often challenging to obtain a balanced noise level in open-plan offices. The open-plan layout is very common nowadays and comes with a list of benefits. However, a negative consequence is that the acoustic environment suffers. An open working area makes it easy to talk to colleagues and bounce ideas back and forth. However, it can be difficult to concentrate when you need to focus at your desk. This leads to higher stress levels and less efficiency.

With sound absorbers hanging from the ceiling or attached to the walls, you improve the conditions for an efficient office. Wall sound absorbers can be mounted in different rooms to create a feeling of peace and quiet, but also directly in open-plan offices. Or why not in your meeting room?

Ceiling screens efficiently limit noise from seeping in from your surroundings, while being sound absorbent. They can easily be mounted on the ceiling and customised to the height you choose.

A totally silent office is not optimal

It is not a matter of creating absolutely silent offices, but rather of balancing noise levels and finding suitable sound environments for all kinds of activities. Creative work with colleagues is better done in an environment with a bit of a buzz. But for doing individual, focused work at your desk, surrounding conversations can be very distracting. This is something sound absorbers can help you with.

If you put sound absorbers around the entire office rather than in selected places, you create the foundation for a comfortable noise level. As the largest surface, the ceiling is the most important in this respect. Kinnarps also has partition screens and desktop screens that require minimal assembly.

Every office needs its own solution. Base yours on your operations and consider your needs. Modern offices do well with open, creative spaces, though there should always be areas for working undisturbed. Ceiling and wall absorbers help with this.